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In 1957, Christoph Kroschke’s parents laid the foundation stone for the companies in today’s Kroschke group by opening a small license plate embossing factory in Braunschweig. Over the past five decades, the group has developed from a small operation to a service provider covering the entire country. Kroschke Group's main aim for the near future is the complete digitalization of the whole vehicle registration process.

It currently employs around 1,800 people and achieves a yearly turnover of approx. 100 million euros. The two companies Christoph Kroschke GmbH and DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH, with their closely networked competences, stand at its heart.

Facts and figures




Christoph Kroschke Holding GmbH & Co. KG



Managing director:

Christoph Kroschke





Christoph Kroschke GmbH



Managing directors:

Philipp Kroschke
(Spokesman of the managing board)
Dr. Felix Kroschke



ASP Grundbesitz GmbH



Managing director:

Friedrich-Karl Winter


Subsidiaries of Christoph Kroschke GmbH


DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH



Managing directors:

Philipp Kroschke, Dr. Felix Kroschke



DKT Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik



Managing directors:

Philipp Kroschke, Bernhard Gött





Kroschke Kinderstiftung

Office locations:

Ahrensburg, Braunschweig


Anja Wenk, Gerd-Ulrich Hartmann

Name: Christoph Kroschke Stiftung
Office locations: Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen
Management:  Roland Bosch


Size of the group:

Total employees:

approx. 1.800

Total turnover:

approx. 100 Mio. Euro

Service-Points (branches):

approx. 400 across Germany

Registration services:

over 60 across Germany

Further data

Registration documents on file:

approx. 1.4 Mio.

Car keys in store:

approx. 500.000

License Plates:

approx. 5.5 Mio. per year

Car registrations:

approx. 1 Mio. per year

Decomissioning processes:

approx. 600.000 per year

Vehicles in manufacturer remarketing:

approx. 40.000 per year

Vehicle Transfers:

approx. 50.000 per year

Dealership customers:

over 13.000


As of: May 2023


  • 2019

    cultural change and transformation

    The year is marked by cultural change and the transformation process. Already at the beginning of the year, the Kroschke Group is awarded the "Top Job" quality seal for the first time. Kroschke participates in numerous start-ups with innovative mobility concepts like carwow, fair and the MOBILITYFUND. Together with the Safo Group an international joint venture is founded.

  • 2018

    20 years of DAD, 25 years of the Kroschke Child Foundation

    The new, fresh corporate design for the entire Kroschke Group is presented – including a new internet presence. In June, the Kroschke Child Foundation celebrates its 25-year anniversary with a benefit concert in the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg. At the end of the year, DAD then invites its customers to an interactive anniversary event in the Union Halle, Frankfurt. Under the motto “New Digital Solutions”, the guests receive an insight into company history and experience the innovative, digital DAD product range.
    In addition, Christoph Kroschke GmbH wins first place at the sector event “AUTOFLOTTE FuhrparkMonitor” in the category “registration logistics” and also receives the distinction of “TopPerformer 2018”.

  • 2017

    60-year company anniversary

    60-year company anniversary. The sons of the company owner take over the directorship: Felix Kroschke becomes managing director of Christoph Kroschke GmbH (CKG) and DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH (DAD). His brother, Philipp Kroschke, remains spokesman of the managing board. Dr Mirko Dobberstein, a new addition to the group, becomes managing director with main responsibility for DAD. Mirko Dobberstein is a doctoral industrial engineer and has over twenty years’ experience in the automotive field. Kroschke Digital and Deutsche Kennzeichen Technik GmbH are founded.

  • 2016

    ASP changes name

    ASP Auto-Service-Park GmbH becomes ASP Grundbesitz GmbH.

  • 2015

    Entry of Felix Kroschke into the firm

    Entry of Felix Kroschke into the firm

  • 2014

    New name, new structure, new company

    The Kroschke Stiftung für Kinder is renamed the Kroschke Kinderstiftung; the purpose of the foundation and its funding projects remain unchanged.

  • 2012

    Management restructuring

    Christoph Kroschke GmbH has a new management structure from the end of August in this year: the managing directors up to then, Christoph Kroschke and Lars Häger, are joined by Philipp Kroschke, York Schmidt zur Nedden and Matthias Gauglitz. The same team, with the exception of Christoph Kroschke, also forms the management of DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH.

  • 2009

    Completion of extensions and conversion to GmbH

    The extension of the company headquarters is completed in May 2009, so that the move into the new spaces can begin.  Christoph Kroschke AG becomes a GmbH on 25 June 2009. As a managing director, Christoph Kroschke immediately takes care of further growth and sales for the group of companies. He is supported by Lars Häger in the role of managing director of Christoph Kroschke GmbH.

  • 2008

    Company expansion

    The company headquarters is expanded, while because of rising numbers of customers the DAD Service Center is extended by more than 50 employees and several new departments.  DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

  • 2007

    50 years of Kroschke

    Christoph Kroschke AG celebrates its 50-year anniversary.

  • 2005

    DAD moves to Ahrensburg

    DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH also moves its company HQ to Ladestraße, transferring from Hamburg to Ahrensburg on 17 January 2005. Now, the entire Kroschke Group is united at one location. Philipp Kroschke enters the firm.

  • 2004

    The move to the new HQ in Ahrensburg

    In preparation for the move of the company headquarters, a new building is erected in Ahrensburg to bring the Christoph Kroschke Group together again under one roof, one that is both in an ideal location in terms of road traffic and is also equipped with all the advantages of a modern office. The old company site at Am Kratt is to be turned over to new development. On 6 December 2004, it is time at last: what was then Christoph Kroschke AG, Christoph Kroschke Holding GmbH & Co. KG, ASP Auto-Service-Park GmbH and the Kinderstiftung are now housed in the new company building on Ladestraße, Ahrensburg.

  • 2003

    The Kroschke Stiftung für Kinder celebrates 10 years of existence

    The foundation can look back on 10 years of support for institutions that make children’s lives in an adult world easier.

  • 2002

    Christoph Kroschke becomes a partner in the traditional Hamburg company A.W. Niemeyer

    A.W. Niemeyer is a leading water sports supplier and full-range provider in the yachting accessories market, with a network of subsidiaries and a mail-order business.

  • 1998

    The foundation of DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH

    DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH is founded as a subsidiary of Christoph Kroschke AG. Its customers include car rental companies, vehicle manufacturers, banks, leasing companies, fleet operators and car dealers. At its core, DAD specialises in the complex processes surrounding incoming and outgoing fleet management.

  • 1997

    The 40-year anniversary

    After 40 years, the successful retailer has become a recognised member of the Mittelstand (the German stratum of mid-size firms). The Kroschke Group now employs over 1000 people.

  • 1996

    Becoming an AG

    Christoph Kroschke Holding GmbH & Co KG becomes Christoph Kroschke AG, with the number of branches increasing to 400.

  • 1995

    The move to Ahrensburg

    For strategic reasons, the company is split into two independent company departments. The companies led by Christoph Kroschke move to Ahrensburg under the umbrella of Christoph Kroschke Holding GmbH & Co. KG. In the new headquarters on the site of the former Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, in Ahrensburg, branch planning is driven forward.

  • 1993

    The social engagement of the Kroschke brothers

    The Kroschke brothers found the Kroschke Stiftung für Kinder (Kroschke Foundation for Children), a private initiative.

    In the first Auto-Service-Park in Calau, the registration office and sign shop take up operation.

  • 1991

    Foundation of Auto-Service-Park GmbH

    Based on the idea of bringing together a logical real estate concept with vehicle-related retail and services to create a sustainable registration office for the future, ASP Auto-Service-Park GmbH was founded in 1991.

  • 1987

    The 100th branch

    The product palette, production, storage and office spaces are permanently expanded. By this time, the company headquarters at Daimlerstraße, Braunschweig, manage in total 100 subsidiaries.

  • 1969 + 1974

    The entry of the Kroschke brothers into the company

    With the entry of the two brothers, Klaus and Christoph Kroschke, into the company, its successful expansion into a national service provider begins. Klaus Kroschke above all looks to extend activities in the fields of traffic and work safety signage, screen printed ads and engraved and embossed signs. Christoph Kroschke continuously develops the branch businesses. Branches are opened in Essen, Stuttgart and Dortmund.

  • 1962

    Five years later

    Opposite the then vehicle registration office, in Guntherstraße, the first shop-front business is opened. Here, the first embossed aluminium number plates are manufactured using the so-called “rubber stamping” method with subsequent rubber roller-applied solvent-based paint. Now, not only car number plates are sold, but also signs with custom text.

  • 1957

    The year it all begins

    Martin and Elfriede Kroschke take over their first number plate business in Braunschweig. It consists of a mere 20 m² production site. The only employees are the married couple themselves. Acceptance and sale of car number plates is carried out using a VW Beetle.

    The owners develop their own distribution channels to keep the time elapsed between order acceptance and handover of the plate as short as possible. The Kroschkes produce plastic number plates using a deep drawing press. At this time, around 1957, black plates with white writing are switched over to white plates with black writing.

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